Location and Site Details

The Mandurana Quarry is a hard rock quarry located approximately 15km northwest of Mackay on Balnagowen – Mandurana Rd. The site totals 47 hectares, and falls under the local authority of the Mackay City Council. The land is zoned as rural, with land adjacent to the site used for rural and residential purposes. The site has planning approval from the Mackay City Council for the conduct of extractive industry.


The geology of Mandurana Hill consists of a core of undifferentiated Mesozoic diorite, with intrudes into the Permian hornfels of the Carmila Beds. A minor volume of andesite and basalt has intruded the contact zone between the hornfels and diorite.

Diorite, andesite and hornfels rock are in significant supply at the Mandurana Quarry. These are all suitable for the production of a range of high quality crushed rock products, and the quarry currently supplies materials to the local market for road base, railway ballast and fill.

Soils on the site are dominantly lithosols or lithosols intergrades which have developed on the diorite and hornfels parent material. A significant thickness of residual soil, alluvium and colluvium exists at the base of the slope and overlying the flat sugar cane areas.

Quality Assessment Certificate for Main Roads Quality Requirements

Key Facts

  • Located 15km northwest of Mackay
  • Total site of 47 hectares
  • 26 hectares zoned for extraction
  • Soils primarily lithosols or lithosol integrades.
  • Geologically situated in Berserker Beds
  • Principal rock types include:
    – andesite
    – diorite
    – hornfels

Blue Metal

  • Concrete Aggregate
  • Road Base
  • Landscape Rock
  • Crusher Dust

Contact Details

P: +61 (0) 7 4954 0088
F: +61 (0) 7 4954 0066

Postal Address
PO Box 8078, Mount Pleasant, Qld 4740

Street Address
296 Balnagowan – Mandurana Rd, Mackay, Qld 4740