The Company

Earth Commodities

Our Company provides quality quarry products from our quarry in Gladstone Queensland.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our Company website and hope you’ll enjoy learning more about our team, our operations and our products. We’re proud to be part of Queensland’s strong economic and infrastructure growth, and we look forward to laying the foundations and fuelling Queensland’s growth for many years to come.


Earth Commodities was born out of a desire to create a strong aggregated group of independent quarries and pits that provide quality products to local, national & global customers.  Many of the quarries and pits under the operation of Earth Commodities have been servicing customers for over 30 years. Combined, our various operations boast hundreds of years of market service and expertise.

From a historical perspective, Earth Commodities is far more willing to be judged on achievement rather than market longevity. In the relatively short time that Earth Commodities has existed, it has become a leading, independent, quarry operator in Queensland. Earth Commodities is also a valued partner to a wide range of contractors and infrastructure specialists.

Quick Facts

  • Quarries Site – Gladstone Qld
  • Strategic locations servicing the boom areas of Queensland – Australia’s boom state
  • Horizontal business with no vertical integrations to service – meaning that the focus is on customers