Location and Site Details

Earth Commodities Gladstone quarry is located 800m west of the township of Yarwun. The quarry operates on a 48.5 hectare site under two different zoning ordinances. The northern part of the site is zoned as GSDA (Gladstone State Development Area) for the purpose of major industry. The southern part of the site is zoned as rural. The local authority is the Calliope City Council.


The geology of the Gladstone quarry consists of Early Permian Berserker Bed sediments which have been metamorphosed by the intrustion of the Targinnie Granite to the west. The quarry produces good quality, very hard, durable and robust hornfels, basalt and volcaniclastic quarry rock. Soils on the site are dominantly lithosols or lithosols intergrades which have developed on the hornfels parent material. Quality Assessment Certificate for Main Roads Quality Requirements

Key Facts

  • Located on outskirts of Gladstone, 800m from township of Yarwun
  • Total site of 48.5 hectares
  • 39.5 hectares zoned for extraction
  • Soils primarily lithosols or lithosol integrades.
  • Geologically situated in Berserker Beds
  • Major local supplier of materials for use in roading, railway ballast, aggregate production and fill
  • Principal rock types include:
    – hornfels
    – basalt
    – volcaniclastic

Blue Metal

  • Concrete Aggregate
  • Crusher Dust
  • Over Burden & Select Fills
  • Paving and Sealing Aggregates
  • Pre-coated Aggregate
  • Quarry, Gabion & Shot Rocks
  • Rail Ballast
  • Road Base – 2.1 to 2.5

Contact Details

P: +61  (0) 7 4973 6621
F: +61 (0) 7 4973 6563

Postal Address
PO Box 810, Gladstone, Qld 4680

Street Address
94 Quarry Rd, Yarwun, Qld 4694